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Balon Corporation

3245 South Hattie Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK 73129


405-677-3917 (Fax)


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Balon Completes Largest Building to Date

Balon Corporation would like to announce that we are fully utilizing the largest building we have ever erected. With the completion of our 313,000 square foot facility on Eastern Avenue in Oklahoma City, Balon now stands at 1,000,000 square feet of enclosed manufacturing area.

Our newest structure, covering 7.1 acres, is located a little more than half a mile from Balon's headquarters. This spacious new building houses our trunnion mounted ball valve manufacturing and our gear operator manufacturing operations. It also provides a vast indoor area for raw material storage.

In a continuing effort to add manufacturing space, Balon is well under way on two additional construction projects which, together, will cover an additional 400,000 square feet. We view these major plant expansions as an investment in our customers' future as well as our own.


Whether you are an end user or a distributor, you can be sure that Balon Corporation and our valued employees will work relentlessly to assure the timely availability of the safest, most durable ball valves, check valves, and needle valves in our industry: Balon Valves.

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