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When power actuation is the objective, the Balon Actuation Mounting Package is the answer, even if the valve is already installed and in operation.

Installation is quick and easy, and it requires no special tools.

Proper alignment of actuator and valve stem is critical to the successful installation of any ball valve actuator. By utilizing an Actuation Bracket that keys snugly into the milled slot at the top of the valve, Balon’s Actuation Mounting Package assures perfect alignment, thus extending service life.

Preventing the invasion of debris into the stem area is also important to longer service life, and Balon’s Weather Guard effectively prevents such debris encroachment.

Where actuator mounting is concerned, versatility is a virtue. Balon’s Actuation Mounting Package conforms to ISO 5211. But other ISO and non-ISO driver and bolt circle options are available.

Each Balon Actuation Mounting Packages includes everything required for the safe and precise mounting of an ISO actuator to a Balon ball valve:

Alignment Bushing
Balon’s unique alignment bushing ensures proper alignment of the actuation bracket whether the valve is in the open or closed position.

Actuation Bracket
Balon’s actuation bracket is specially machined to fit securely in the milled slot at the top of the valve, maximizing the torsional restraint of stress produced by the actuator. Each bracket is drilled with multiple ISO 5211 bolt hole circles to accommodate various actuator sizes.

Bracket Fastener
The bracket fastener secures the bracket firmly to the body of the valve. With the placement of the bracket in the milled slot at the top of the valve, the fastener is NOT exposed to any lateral load.

Balon Driver
Balon’s custom driver is specially machined to mate a Balon ball valve with an actuator using a parallel square or star input drive.

Weather Seal
Balon’s special weather seal prevents the encroachment of debris into the stem area ensuring longer service life.

Hardware and Accessories
Bracket fastener nuts, internal tooth lock washers, snap rings, grease with an applicator, and actuator hardware (metric and imperial hex head cap screws with lock washers) are included in each actuation package.

For more information on the Balon Actuation Mounting Package, contact your Balon representative or inside sales at Balon Corporation today.