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Leading The Pack Through Innovation
Balon Corporation Headquarters

By the time Domer Scaramucci founded Balon Corporation in 1965, he had received 27 U.S. patents for new oilfield products and was widely recognized as an industry leader. Many of these early designs set the standard for valve technology still in use today. Driven by a spirit for innovation with an emphasis on safety, he laid the ground work for the company that Balon has become today.

Balon's commitment to deliver the benefits of valve engineering and innovation to our customers remains paramount, and we will continue to "Lead the Pack" through innovative design and state of the art manufacturing methods.

Our founder’s spirit of innovation and passion for safety continues today. With over 200 issued patents, Balon has secured a distinguished reputation as the design, safety, and quality leader in ball, check and needle valves. Balon was first to develop many of the design enhancements users rely upon to distinguish high-quality valves from commodity products, and the safety record of our products is unmatched and unrivaled.

Balon Corporation
Founder Domer Scaramucci - 1961

Balon continues to lead the way through innovation with more patent applications pending.