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Why Balon is American Made
Balon Corporation Headquarters
Why does Balon choose to manufacture valves in America?

Our belief centers on the question, "Why would Balon choose to manufacture our valves anywhere else?"

We invite outstanding domestic foundries and forging houses to establish relationships with us.

The heart of America is where Balon humbly opened its doors in 1965, starting in a 4000-square-foot shop employing three individuals.

American valve users first recognized that Balon Corporation provides an unmatched combination of product integrity and customer support.

America is where Balon grew, building safer, more rugged, maintenance-free valves with domestic content only.

Prospective employees in America sought opportunities to join us, becoming skilled craftsmen in our manufacturing plant.

Balon’s diverse workforce embodies skills, traditions, and a work ethic with origins around the globe. We honor and respect their cultures, selling and servicing valves globally.

There was a time when "Made in America" meant exactly that; now, to some, it means importing components for final assembly within the borders of the United States.

Now, more than five decades after our founding, Balon’s manufacturing plant in America has grown to over 1,400,000 square feet. We've united with excellent domestic raw materials suppliers, and our dedicated employees spare no effort to meet our customers’ highest expectations.

Let’s be clear. At Balon, "Made in America" means ordering raw materials from domestic foundries and forging houses only. It means standing firmly by our tradition of manufacturing valves designed, machined, assembled, and tested, from start to finish, in our own plant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Settle for nothing less. Specify Balon by name.