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Multi-Seal: The Heart of the Valve
The Balon Valve: Totally Advanced

Notice the grooves. These grooves loosely receive any grit that might be present when the valve is closed. When the valve is opened, the foreign matter washes harmlessly away, where an ordinary valve seal could have been scored across its entire surface. Balon's seal is good as new.

Notice the seal rings. Not just one ring...a series. That's where Multi-Seal gets another big sealing edge over plain seals. The rings assure a concentrated seal, providing a bubble tight seal at high and low pressures, the tighter the seal...the better the shut-off.

Notice the tapered outer walls. These tapered walls on the Multi-Seal provide automatic seal-to-ball tensioning and self adjustment to wear. Much longer life and complete trouble-free performance is what you get. That's why you don't need a repair kit.

How long will the Balon Multi-Seal last? Our sales records of replacement seats indicate that most Balon valves sold have provided many years of trouble-free performance.

It has been tested on water pumped at 1,000 psi operating pressure with shock loading on shutoff up to 1,800 psi. After a million shutoffs, it still sealed bubble tight.

Multi Seal
Ordinary Seal's
are damaged during shutoff. As flow is squeezed through fine-line opening, foreign particles are trapped. Complete shutoff grinds them into the seal. Results: premature damage, leakage, valve failure.
Multi Seal
receives particles loosely in grooves, to be washed harmlessly away diring next opening. Valve seals bubble tight again, through repeated shutoffs
Multi Seal
series groove design features blunt-edge seal members for superior sealing efficiency. And the grooves form super-tight "fluid seal rings." Each seal member, working with the next one, creates exclusive "staged differential pressure sealing," for the tightest shutoff possible at all pressures.
Multi Seal
adjusts itself to wear! Outer walls are tapered to permit self-compensation to valve load and seal engagement demand. The design permits thrust loading to realign seat toward optimum sealing engagement.
Multi Seal
The Multi Seal
design permits selection of seal material best suited to abrasive, high and low pressure applications in the toughest services. And the relief pockets formed by the tapered walls, with the series grooving, provide self-compensation for swell to permit easy turning, long-life operation.
It takes a better seal to make a better valve...and the best ball valve is a Balon.