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The Balon Valve: Totally Advanced
The Balon Valve: Totally Advanced

Unique Sealing Approach
The Balon Ball Valve is the culmination of many years of arduous design and development effort which has been focused on providing a better choice in ball valves. It is a refinement of features proven superior during the use of Balon Ball Valves in thousands of installations since 1965.

The multi-seal seat design has given impetus to the development of an overall valve which embodies several design improvements.

Backseated Stem
Stems are backseated and blowout proof. And, they provide metal-to-metal backup sealing in the event of a fire. This secondary metal-to-metal sealing is also provided internally behind the seat area.

Simplified Top Works
Bolts and glands and complicated stem assemblies are totally absent in the Balon valve to assure a simpler, more trouble-free valve. Hazards associated with bolted stem retainer and packing adjustment screws or bolts have been eliminated.

Even the stops are internal and give dual precise stopping support during opening and closing. The stem area is grease-packed and protected by dual plastic weather guards to shield this vital area from external elements thereby eliminating the need for maintenance in the field.

Emissions Tested
Balon valves successfully completed low emissions testing. Call Oklahoma City plant for details.

Precise Manufacturing Control
Balon uses only the highest quality materials to assure the strength and uniformity necessary for applications where valves are used. To further enhance the overall operational superiority of the valve, all balls are machined in-house by Balon's spherical machining process which assures a consistently accurate spherical contour. They are superbly finished and polished. This high integrity finish, along with multi-seal's advanced sealing capability, provides the highest sealing efficiency and substantially reduced operating torque.