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Gear Operator Features
(B44, B64, B88)
Gear Operator
(B100, B132, B264)
Gear Operator

1. Rugged Locking Device Standard
A rugged locking device is standard with every Balon gearbox.

2. Ductile Iron Gearbox Housing
For all gearbox housings, Balon uses high-strength ductile iron, a more malleable material with a yield strength comparable to carbon steel.

3. Stainless Steel Directional Indicator
The Balon gearbox includes a low-profile stainless steel directional indicator. The indicator seal protects the stem journal from external contaminants.

4. Stainless Steel Shaft
All Balon gear operators are equipped with stainless steel shafts as standard, thus reducing corrosion concerns and assuring smoother gearbox operation.

5. Hardened Steel Gear Worm
Gear worms are often susceptible to galling and wear. Balon takes the additional step of hardening our steel gear worms, making them highly resistant to galling and premature failure.

6-7. Suitable for Above Ground and Buried Service
The Balon gearbox is designed to prevent water and external contaminants from invading the box and causing corrosion and operating problems. 6) The shaft is completely O-ring sealed. 7) Balon has eliminated the second shaft exit point, a common entry point for external contaminants in more ordinary gearboxes.

We Make Our Own Gear Operators

Gear Operator

While developing and extending Balon's product line, it became essential to design and manufacture, in house, Balon's line of gear operators. Rather than relying on commodity gear operators manufactured by others, Balon's gear operators are specifically designed for operator safety and dependable functionality. This also eliminates ambiguity in service or inspection issues when assessing the performance of the valve and gear operator performance. It's Balon.

By incorporating rugged features and upgraded materials, the Balon gear operator extends service life and enhances both safety and ease of operation. And, as with every component of our valves, the Balon gear operator is 100% made in America by Balon Corporation.

Gear Operator

Balon Gear Operator Models and Their Corresponding Valves *
B44 ** B64 B88 B100 B132 B264
3F-F93 6F-F13 8F-F13 10F-T33 12F-T33 12F-T63
4F-F63 6F-F14 8F-F14 10F-T63
4F-T63 6F-F33 8F-T33 12F-T13
3R-F03 6F-F63 8F-T63
6R-F63 6F-T63 10R-F13
4F-T93 8R-F13 10F-T13
Number of Turns
11 16 22 25 33 66

*Gear operator models are also applicable on equivalent low-temp, high-temp, and uni-directional valves.

**Balon Gear Operator Model B44 is available as an option on any Balon 3" bore or 4" bore carbon steel flanged valve. Please consult factory for details.

Gear Operator
Gear Operator